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    Wednesday, September 5th, 2012. tags: ,

    I’m happy to share two citation styles i wrote up based on the demands of some CUNY students, that will generate and allow you to export a list of Zotero entries with only name, title and call number in order to bring your lists to a physical library (if you still visit them!) and grab the books you need. The list is sorted by call number.


    Basic style (generates straight list)

    CSV style (comma separated value, for importation into spreadsheet software).

    Install (you’ll only have to do this once for either style):

    1. Tools > zotero to show zotero window
    2. click the gear and select Preferences
    3. Choose Cite tab, then choose styles tab within that tab
    4. Click the “+” button. choose the downloaded style.

    To Use

    Select your items, right click and choose “Create bibliography from selected items” and choose the bibliographic style “Call Number and Title Export” for the normal list.
    For the CSV list, an extra step is required:
    1. Generate your bibliography to your clipboard.
    2. Open a text editor (notepad on Windows is fine, textedit on Mac, etc) and paste the contents (ctrl V on win)
    3. Save this text file with a CSV extension, no other. so myreferences.csv as the full name.
    You can now open this file in any database software (excel, etc) to use for sorting, color coding, adding library names, etc.
    Enjoy, and please post comments if you need help.

    Saturday, March 13th, 2010. tags: , , ,

    zotero is a wonderful, life saving bibliographic and note-taking tool.

    i can emphasize that as much as possible, or you can check it out for yourself, install it in everyone’s favorite open source browser, and see how much it changes your citation life. with the VUE addon, you can also become a newfangled levi strauss.

    there are limits, however, to what zotero is able to currently do with its tagging features, which is where i got interested while preparing my bibliographies recently. with a tool like the zotero report customizer as my inspiration, i tried my hand at generating a list of tags that i could then build into a tag cloud.

    first, you have to export your tags into something useful. zotero runs on sqllite, a sql-based, but local running, database engine. download a client (either at the sqlite page or google’s tool (though i found the command line version to be better) and get a list of your tags exported with something like:

    SELECT name, COUNT(*) AS count FROM itemTags NATURAL JOIN tags WHERE libraryID IS NULL GROUP BY name

    you’ll get something that looks like this (but less jargony?):

    """world music""",5

    to be continued shortly i promise as i set this blog up